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    Fast And Easy Payroll
    PayDay Solutions payroll services for any client, regardless if it is a small company or a large industrial based company.
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    PayDay Solutions LLC
    Professional Payroll Services provided for any sized company, regardless if you have 5 or 1000 employees, we can handle all your payroll needs.

What Services We Offer

Processing of payroll

Filing payroll taxes

Calculate paychecks and all payroll taxes

Direct deposit and year-end W-2s

Guaranteed error-free paychecks and payroll taxes

Filling out of Federal and State Payroll Tax Forms

Efficient Customer Service

Online Support


Payroll Services

Here at PayDay Solutions, we do all the work for your payroll needs. We efficiently process payroll for any type of client. Regardless if you have 5 employees or you have 1000 employees, PayDay Solutions can handle all of your payroll needs.

Small Business Solutions

For small businesses, we offer a competitive rate to process payroll. A small business having between 1 and 10 employees.

Midsized Business Solutions

For Medium sized businesses, we offer a competitive rate to process payroll. A medium sized business having between 11 and 25 employees.

Large Business Solutions

For Large businesses, we offer a competitive rate to process payroll. A large business having over 26 employees.

Additional Services

PayDay Services also provides several other additional services which may be of convenience to any of our clients. PayDay Services is partnered with Multi Asset Management LLC, which is a company that provides financial services, consulting services, and provides assistance in the related fields.

Payday payroll allow you

Access and run your payroll from anywhere, anytime 24-7

Real time processing and closing, preview payroll results to reduce errors

Add and edit employees

Unlimited earning and deduction codes

Payroll for restaurants and tipped employees

Print checks and reports locally

Integrated with time and attendance

Check Calculator, gross-to-net or net-to-gross

Provide employees online access to their paychecks, W2s and 1099s via Employee Self Service


Reporting has been revolutionized. You have easy and convenient access to your data. Employer OnDemand offers real time access to payroll reports each pay period and you can also run numerous reports from your historical data. You can quickly create reports from the Rapid Report Tool.

Print your payroll package

Create and save report templates

Date range driven reports

General Ledger exporting

Change/Audit Reports

Job Costing

Labor Distribution

Paid Time Off Detail

Customizable exports

Restaurant Reporting

Export in numerous formats


Payday Payroll uses state-of-the-art techniques to ensue your sensitive data is private and secure. We follow rigorous standards for the production and reliability of your data, enabling you to focus on running your business, knowing with confidence your sensitive data is being managed properly.

All data transmissions are encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption

Users have to be preauthorized to obtain access to the system with predetermined security limits to address the needs of each administrator, manager or employee

Payroll data is backed up with primary and secondary facilities to handle disaster recovery scenarios